2 Day Career Conference


To all those  who missed out on attending the 2 DAY Careers Conference on October 30th and 31st…here are some of the comments from our participants!

“By attending the two-day career planning Conference at MIT Melbourne, I came to know about the opportunities available in the local market, build relationship with the fellow students, university staff and most importantly with the industry professionals who were present to answer our questions in real time and show us the true image of the professional life and work culture in Australia

It helps me in overcome my fears & stereotype about the professional life and working in the industry.”

Thank you, MIT, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Two-Day Career Conference. Razi Qazi

"I'm really grateful to MIT ….Attending the 2 day Careers Conference for resume building and mock interviews were great in order for us to succeed in the corporate world" Abhineet Singh

‘Very informative and knowledgeable…I now understand the scope of  job opportunities in the IT industry! ‘ Khalid Naeem

‘It’s been wonderful to attend the career planning sessions and i take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the effort you put to shape our careers bright’. Jayanthi Naini

The conference included a joint presentation with our Sydney campus via Skype where both Sydney and Melbourne students had an opportunity to meet each other and included a special visit from the  recruitment team from Chandler Macleod who identified that there were many  roles  that they were currently recruiting for and were hoping to find potential candidates from MIT. Participants learnt about how to put their best foot forward in Industry and had an opportunity to engage and network at length over a coffee and a bite to eat with the team and  as a result made valuable connections for potential employment opportunities.

‘Wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for giving Chandler Macleod the opportunity to be a part of the Careers Conference at  MIT.

If you need any assistance in the future happy to help. I wish I was given the same exposure that MIT is offering to their students’. Alphi Augustine IT Recruitment Consultant Chandler Macleod


Thank you to all our attendees who participated and look out for our next Careers Conference in early March! NOT TO BE MISSED!