Industry Liaison

What are the benefits of Internships? The benefits of internships for students include

  • Learning more about their respective industry
  • Applying knowledge learned in the classroom
  • Gaining valuable work experience
  • Deciding if this is the right path
  • Developing and building upon skills

Ask Industry Liaison Officers, Jared and Simone who continually engage with Industry and the corporate market on a daily basis to ensure MIT students are presented with and exposed to ‘real world’ unique and tangible Industry opportunities that may eventually transition to graduate employment. A sincere thank you to all our wonderful national Industry Partners (Shiv Paudel from 111 IT Solutions , Max Lynam from Impactful Ventures , Akash Shakya from EB Pearls and Sandeep Rawal from SNB Stone) who have collectively offered over 13 Internships and 16 Capstone projects all exclusively for MIT students.


Meet Ankit
A first year MIT Sydney Bachelor of Business student who was studying Marketing Principles. With a first in, best dressed policy, Ankit was the lucky student to score the Internship with 111 IT Solutions. He said he never expected to be getting work experience in his first year. Ankit said he was happy that he has been able to see how the marketing principles he’s been learning can be applied at work. We wish you the best of luck with the internship, and the rest of your degree Ankit!