MIT’s ACS Accreditation Renewed!

The Australian Computer Society has updated its website announcing the renewal of accreditation of MIT courses. Both Bachelor of Networking and Master of Networking courses are accredited at the professional level. As of today, MIT is the only Australian independent higher education provider which has professional accreditation according to the ACS website.

This is indeed great news for our networking students. The ACS accreditation reflects the dedication of MIT staff in offering a high quality program to prepare our students for the challenges of digital disruption they would encounter in their careers.

The ACS accreditation is through the Seoul Accord. This means the degree will be recognised within the signatories of the Accord, this includes Korea (ABEEK), United States of America (ABET), Australia (ACS), United Kingdom (BCS), Canada (CIPS), Hong Kong (HKIE), Taiwan (IEET) and Japan (JABEE).