Mwakishimba Primary School

On Monday, December 11 2017, MIT students and staff were treated to afternoon tea and coffee with a very special cause at heart.

The Mwakishimba Primary School in Kenya is struggling to make even the simplest of ends meet for its students, and MIT needs your help to get this school up and running to its fullest potential.

MIT’s General Manager and HR Manager, Mr. Austin Kijagulu, made a stirring speech and encouraged all students and staff present to donate to this cause.

So far, MIT has raised over $570 in cash donations, with many more EFTPOS donations coming through as we speak! This is a fantastic effort, and we could not have done this without you. 


About Mwakishimba School

Mwakishimba Primary School (the School) was established in 1964 as a lower primary school consisting of level (standard) one. By 1967 the School had progressed to level four, with its’ students moving to Werugha Primary School to continue their education. The School was accredited as a full primary school in 1974 with its’ first graduates completing level seven in 1977.

Beginning with only five students in 1964, the School now prides itself with 266 students consisting of 123 boys and 143 girls. An average of 33 students per class with eight (8) teaching staff including the headmaster (Principal).

From the outset, the local community primarily funded the School including donating the land on which the School is built on. Other sponsors include alumni, supporters, students’ parents, families and friends of the School and the Government of Kenya.

Academic Performance (Achievements)

The School’s academic performance languished at the bottom of the national average (300) over many years.  In 2013, the community intervened employing teachers’ aid to assist level 8 students with their course work and preparation for the national examinations. This saw the academic progress improve from a mean of 168 marks out of a possible 500 marks, to 173.55 in 2014. In 2015, the performance was 176.27. This mean mark increased by 55.01 marks to 231.28 in 2016, after the inception of boarding facilities for level eight students. 

Building, Facilities and Infrastructure

Over the years, the School buildings and general infrastructure has fallen into disrepair. The state of the eight classrooms and the staff administration block are in dire need of refurbishment.  The classroom furniture (desks, chairs, blackboard and so on) are dilapidated and non-existent in a number of classes. The playground is bare dirt and simply unusable.  Basic amenities such as toilets need to be replaced or refurbished and a fixed supply of clean drinking water assured.

What is needed now - our challenges

To continue on improving academic performance the school needs your support to:

  • build new classrooms including more classrooms to study in, as two of the existing classrooms are unusable;
  • build a kitchen and a dining hall;
  • build a new administration office for our Head Teacher, Deputy Senior Teacher and a staffroom;
  • build a permanent fence with metal gates for security purposes;
  • build better amenities (toilets, game areas) including separate toilet facilities for teachers;
  • build boarding facilities for all senior students (levels 6-8).
  • connect electricity in all our classes and administration areas;
  • supply water storage facilities for clean drinking water;
  • introduce a reliable school meals program where children receive two healthy meals per day;
  • purchase furniture and equipment for classrooms and staff and
  • employ a Security Officer to keep us and our school safe during the day and night.

How can you Help

We need your help. Every single dollar counts. If you could kindly dig into the depths of your heart and donate any amount of money to our School, you would be giving us the gift of a quality life and a better future; and maybe, one day we can help others like us in need. You can make a donation to:

Mr. Austin Kijagulu  
Westpac Bank Account:  
BSB  032119    
Account Number 263293

We will use the money to build our school and a better future for the entire community. Updates on progress as to where your money is spent including the exact costs, will be provided progressively. Thank you for building our future.