• Sharanjit Singh

    Master of Networking

    The industry-based project I’m working on as part of my degree is very exciting because it helps blind people have easy access to their music using their mobile phone or computer

  • Shanti Woodend

    Bachelor of Networking

    I feel really supported and welcome at MIT, and find the diversity of student and staff really enhances the study experience as I get access to so many different perspectives. 

  • Shamika Wijesinghalage

    Master of Engineering (Telecommunications)

    I chose MIT because the engineering degree is accredited by Engineers Australia... MIT also takes a holistic approach to education and provides the utmost care and assistance to students.

  • Sanjay Dulal

    Bachelor of Networking

    What I've experienced is a learning environment that encourages innovation and creativity, with well-equipped labs and lecturers that motivate and inspire us.

  • Neeharika Gupta

    Master of Engineering (Telecommunications)

    The internship I’m undertaking as part of my degree has taken my learning to a whole new level. My role as Project Coordinator takes me on fieldwork projects for Telstra where I get hands-on with diagnosing and fixing faults to power panels– something that is directly related to my studies! 

  • Levi Butler

    Bachelor of Business

    One of the first thing my degree at MIT taught me is how to think critically and showed me just how valuable this trait is in the business world.

  • Lachlan McInnes

    Bachelor of Business

     I’ve found that I have a better understanding of what I’m learning in my degree because of the way real life examples are constantly used in our classes

  • Kabiraj Khatri

    Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Telecommunications)

    Now, I not only have an in-depth knowledge of Arduino programming, but I’m also confident in my presentation and report writing skills. I really feel that everything I’m doing at MIT is helping me prepare for my career in 5G!

  • Joshua Te Momo

    Bachelor of Networking

    I’ve always enjoyed coding, so getting to learn programming languages like JAVA and SQL as part of my degree is very exciting for me

  • Hamael Malik

    Bachelor of Business

    The lecturers have always motivated me to think beyond the box and shown a keen interest in my future – something that has driven me to excel.

  • Grishma Manandhar

    Bachelor of Business

    My degree has given me a lot of knowledge and skills that I know will be useful in my career goal as an accountant in a big firm.

  • Carolyne Kioko

    Bachelor of Business

    I’ve studied at another university in Australia so I can say with confidence that I’ve had the best study experience at MIT Sydney

  • Brie Dancak

    Bachelor of Business

    My degree has provided me with so many levels of practical experience and insider knowledge even before I’ve graduated! 

  • Abhishek Negi

    Master of Professional Accounting

    Despite not being from an accounting background, I’ve managed to excel in my course due to the support I’ve received from my professors...