Entry requirements and weighting

Credit Points:15 credit points
Level:Year 2, Major Management Stream

Brief description

This unit provides students with the knowledge to understand how people behave at work and the skills to work effectively in an organisation as well as manage and lead them. Organisational behaviour is the study of what people think, feel, and do in and around organisations. In our increasingly turbulent times, we are all expected to assume responsibilities, manage ourselves and lead others. The unit will explore the concepts and theories behind organisational effectiveness, offering knowledge and skills that are vitally important to anyone who works in organisations and useful for managers in addressing people related workplace issues and problems. The course is interactive, with opportunities provided during both lectures and tutorials, for students to engage in group discussions, presentations, and exercises that lead in turn to individual reflections which form part of assessment tasks.
This unit will cover the following topics:

  1. Defining Organisational Behaviour and the factors impacting behaviour at work
  2. Individual behaviour: personalities, values and learning styles
  3. Motivation and job satisfaction
  4. Applied performance practices
  5. Communication: formal and informal
  6. Teams at work
  7. Power and influence in the workplace
  8. Conflict and negotiation
  9. Leadership
  10. Organisational culture

Unit Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the concept of the organisation as a system
  2. Understand how behaviour of individuals and groups impacts productivity
  3. Explain the models and theories that explain workplace behaviour
  4. Understand how to negotiate for improved working relationships
  5. Participate in and understand the value of team building exercises
  6. Develop creative and flexible approaches and solutions
  7. Apply knowledge to practical and theoretical problems
  8. Apply principles of leadership in forging different elements into a cohesive team