GA515 - Managerial Accounting

Credit Points: 15



  • N/A

Workload: 36 contact hours

Campus: Melbourne, Sydney


Aims & Objectives

The overall objective of this unit is to give students an understanding of the role of management accounting information in management in planning, decision making and monitoring the organization. This unit elaborates how managers use cost and management accounting information to help them make different types of decisions, which include developing organizational strategies, creating operating plans and monitoring and motivating organizational performance. It achieves this by enabling students to apply cost and management knowledge and skills in diverse and novel settings.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced and integrated understanding the function and role of management accounting in the contemporary business environment.
  2. Demonstrate advanced and integrated understanding of management accounting and explain appropriate approaches to generating cost information.
  3. Produce business reports that present critical analysis and evaluation of financial solutions to management issues in writing. 
  4. Apply knowledge to critically review and analyse problems and generate adaptable, flexible, and ethical approaches to problem solving and decision making.
  5. Apply management accounting practices and theories to critically analyse and solve business and management problems.
  6. Design accounting information reports by choosing appropriate financial management information to critically generate and evaluate problems and solutions to assist management decisions.

Teaching Method

Lecture: 2 hours
Tutorial/Workshop: 1 hour


Students are advised to check the unit outline for prescribed Textbooks.

Reference Reading

Students are advised to check the unit outline for additional reference materials.