Entry requirements and weighting

Credit Points:15 credit points
Level:Year 1, Core

Brief description

This unit combines elements of business law, contract law, competition law, with essential elements of company law. Students will be taught about key legal concepts and principles in conjunction with the main legislative provisions governing the three aspects of the course. Once armed with this information students will be required to apply their learning to solve relevant legal problems that reflect real world situations.

This unit will cover the following topics:

  1. Sources of law, legal framework
  2. Contracts, remedies and special contracts
  3. Torts
  4. Agency
  5. Corporations law, types of companies, management and control of companies
  6. Regulation of companies
  7. Shareholders and management
  8. Liquidation of companies

Learning outcomes

Students will gain the following capabilities, competencies, and professional skills upon completion of this unit

  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the function of legal control over business entities so as to be able to comprehend and effectively apply changes in legal requirements
  2. Understand how to use legal principles in a practical context
  3. Be able to identify issues in properly managing companies that involve legal, accounting and economic considerations
  4. Critically evaluate the procedures involved in the internal management of companies
  5. Able to apply the law to address problems affecting business
  6. Understand and demonstrate an understanding of the sources and types of law
  7. Be able to recognize a legal problem of consequence to a business
  8. Demonstrate superior written and oral presentation skills