Entry requirements and weighting

Credit Points:15 credit points
Level:Year 2, Core

Brief description
This unit provides an enhanced theoretical framework for graduate accounting students, such a framework being essential to understand the basis of judgement within the practice of accounting.  This unit also includes advanced studies of contemporary financial accounting issues that are  regularly  reported in the financial press.
This unit will cover the following topics:

  1. Corporate reporting in Australia
  2. Issues in corporate reporting – social and environment al reporting
  3. Issues in valuation:
  4. impairment of assets
  5. foreign business transactions and entities
  6. accounting for employees
  7. leasing mining, extraction and construction
  8. Normative and positive accounting theories
  9. Alternative accounting measurement systems
  10. Segmental reporting
  11. Governance reporting
  12. Reporting and capital markets       

Learning outcomes

Students will gain the following capabilities, competencies, and professional skills upon completion of this unit

  1. To   evaluate corporate and financial  reporting  in Australia
  2. To evaluate alternative financial reporting systems
  3. To apply accounting standards to the solution of financial accounting issues
  4. To analyse elements of corporate reporting, e.g. CSR, Segment reports 
  5. To present orally and in writing solutions to problems, issues  and case studies
  6. Be able to apply accounting theories to accounting issues and problems