MA609 - Business Analytics and Data Intelligence

Credit Points: 15



  • N/A

Workload: 36 contact hours

Campus: Melbourne, Sydney


Aims & Objectives

This unit develops student’s knowledge and skills for analysing data to improve business decision making. Specifically, students will use linear programming, data visualization and data mining techniques to interpret, analyse and learn from the data. These techniques also will allow students to identify data errors and relationships and trends in the data. In addition, students will gain knowledge and skills to understand and apply different business analytical models. These include ‘What if Analysis’, Simulation modelling for risk analysis and Optimization models. Finally, since business analytics is about making better decisions, students also will learn how decision analysis can be used to develop an optimal strategy. Topics to be discussed under decision analysis include payoff tables, decision trees and sensitivity analysis. The unit takes a practical approach with many up-to-date datasets used for demonstration in class.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced and integrated understanding of business and data Intelligence for organisational decision-making.
  2. Analyse critically, reflect on and synthesise techniques of data visualisation and data mining.
  3. Demonstrate advanced and integrated understanding of business analytical models.
  4. Critically analyse, synthesise and reflect on decision analysis techniques to develop optimal strategy.

Teaching Method

Lecture: 2 hours
Tutorial/Workshop: 1 hour


Students are advised to check the unit outline for prescribed Textbooks.

Reference Reading

Students are advised to check the unit outline for additional reference materials.