MA621 - Integrated Accounting Research

Credit Points: 15

Prerequisite: Completion of any four MPA units

Co-requisite: N/A

Workload: 36 contact hours

Campus: Melbourne, Sydney


Aims & Objectives

This unit is aimed at enabling students to understand and critique business research, and apply analytical techniques to evaluate existing data and synthesise ne information. The unit covers the purpose of research, defining a research problem, and reviewing previous research to gain a full understanding of the issues. It also provides an introduction to qualitative and quantitative research methods and writing a research report. This unit requires students to prepare a significant piece of individual business research and is a foundation for the elective MA622 Applied Business Research Project.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Describe the process of research in the contemporary global business environmen;
  2. Describe and explain various research techniques;
  3. Critically evaluate and interpret research results and research reports;
  4. Critically evaluate different approaches to generation of information and assess and choose an appropriate technique for a given problem or decision; and
  5. Research and prepare business reports which communicate and present solutions to management issues in writing

Teaching Method

Lecture: 2 hours
Tutorial/Workshop: 1 hour


Students are advised to check the unit outline for prescribed Textbooks.

Reference Reading

Students are advised to check the unit outline for additional reference materials.